HSA offers a five-year first professional Master of Architecture degree that is fully accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB).
HSA provides an extremely effective preparation for successful practice and with great efficiency: most students graduate with an M.Arch. in only 5 years, rather than the national average of 6 years.

Personalized Education

We emphasize one-to-one instruction from talented and connected professors, in classes and studios with low student-faculty ratios. We support student involvement in music performance, athletics, student government, and other extra-curricular activities.

Hands-On Experience

Exploration of materials and construction is supported by an advanced workshop with both traditional and digital fabrication capabilities, including laser cutting, CNC routing, and 3-D printing.

Celebrated Students, Alumni, and Faculty

HSA prepares graduates for design excellence and professional leadership.  Active and accomplished faculty work directly with students and remain connected with alumni.

Global Connections

HSA alumni can be found in 41 states and 16 countries. All students are required to study abroad for at least 5 weeks and complete 360 paid internship hours in architectural offices or related activities.
U.S. states in which you can find HSA graduates, along with 22 countries.
paid internship hours in architectural offices or related activities required of all graduates
weeks of study abroad experience required, with most students choosing full semester programs
Naviinesh Gunalan ’23

Architecture student and Burkholder Design Collaborative LLC intern

The Hammons School of Architecture is an ecosystem of its own at Drury. The small class sizes and open studio spaces in proximity fosters a close-knit community. HSA also organizes networking events and lecture series to encourage students and assist them in pursuing their ideal careers. It was via one of these events that I was able to secure the internship of my dreams.


Drury University offers one of the few nationally accredited architecture programs within a small liberal arts campus. This setting allows our faculty to know our students and understand their interests. Our flexible curriculum enables students to craft an education that matches their aspirations. Double-majors, extra-curricular activities and athletics are common and encouraged.

This broad and personalized approach prepares students to be leaders and innovators who move the field in unexpected directions. Our graduates not only pursue professional excellence, but also lives well-lived – marked by commitments to communities and personal fulfillment.

Only at Drury

NAAB Accredited

Drury’s is one of few fully accredited five-year Master  of Architecture programs in the United States.

Hands-on Experience

All students participate in a community-engagement design studio which explores solutions to real-world problems.

Study-abroad Programs

All students complete study-abroad programs designed seamlessly into the five-year experience.

Traditional, Practical, & Modern

Drury Architecture emphasizes innovative design thinking, coupled with solid technical training supported by an advanced workshop with both traditional and digital fabrication capabilities, including laser cutting, CNC routing, and 3D printing.

Architects combine the raw materials of site, shelter, and human need to make significant places—places that are useful, durable, memorable, and inspiring. This equation is both incredibly complex and ancient. Today, however, the architect’s traditional tasks are supplemented by new ones: architects are leaders, collaborators, organizers, entrepreneurs, strategists, researchers, and inventors.

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