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Drury At A Glance

Founded in 1873, Drury is rated one of the best liberal arts universities in the Midwestern United States by the U.S. News and the World Report 25 years in a row.

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Full-time Undergrads
Average Freshman GPA
Countries/Regions Represented
Students Received Scholarships
Employment & Grad School Enrollment Rate
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The Top Academic Scholarship

International Baccalaureate Scholarship

In recognition of the rigor of the IB Diploma program, successful baccalaureate recipients will be eligible to receive up to 30 hours of college credit and be eligible for the top scholarship.

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IB Scholarship
International Baccalaureate Scholarship
credit transfer
Up to 30 hours of college credit
Early Admission


GPA 3.5+ & IELTS 7.0
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GPA 3.0+ & IELTS 6.5
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GPA 3.0+ & IELTS 6.0
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GPA 3.0+ & IELTS 5.5
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Your Drury Fusion

Your Drury Fusion

At Drury University, you will combine academic programs into a customized education that prepares you for personal and professional success. 
Along the way, you will gain knowledge and build skills you will use in hands-on, real-world experiences like internships, service-learning, research and more.
Your Support Squad
Compass Center

"Our job is to help you succeed academically and professionally. When you graduate, we want you to be ready for your next opportunity."

Student Services

“Welcome! My office aims to be your first stop for information, accessing resources, and helping you pursue your life and academic goals once you’re here at Drury University.”

Residence Life

“We will provide a home away from home. A fun, healthy, and safe environment where our students can transition into the Drury community socially and academically.”

Alexis Sparks - Residence Life

“Living on campus has many great benefits! We have a great support team that will make campus feel like a home away from home.”

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